Hardwood floor installation can add value and an attractive new look to any area in your home near El Paso, TX. Once you’ve chosen hardwood flooring, you must decide whether to install it yourself or hire a professional. Whether you decide to install the floor yourself or hire someone else depends on your past experience and the quality you want to achieve.

Hardwood floor installation requires a number of power tools such as nailing machines and pneumatic staplers. You may be able to rent these tools, but you could find your unfamiliarity with them leads to mistakes during the installation process. This detracts from the finished look, and is one good reason to hire the professionals at Floor Coverings International in El Paso, TX.

When installing hardwood floors, some are site-finished in your home and others are pre-finished. Although pre-finished hardwood floors are easier to install, blemishes, scratches and dents from hardwood floor installation are more difficult to conceal afterward.

Before taking chances with such a significant investment in your home, you’d serve yourself well by calling the professionals at Floor Coverings International in El Paso, TX. Save yourself time, hassle, headache and worry. We can install flooring quickly and affordably.