el paso solid engineered hardwood For those who don’t follow the worlds of interior design and flooring, the difference between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood is not immediately obvious. While they might appear similar, there are several important differences between the two. Neither one is superior to the other, but knowing how they compare is important when deciding which to include in your El Paso home.

Today, Floor Coverings International® of El Paso compares and contrasts solid and engineered hardwood floors to guide readers as they pursue the rustic beauty of classic natural flooring.

The Fundamentals of Wood Flooring

At the mention of “hardwood,” you may think of the solid version. This is the traditional option that has floored homes for generations. With solid hardwood, every plank is made from the same material. Whether it’s bamboo, oak, maple, or any of the other common hardwood choices, your solid hardwood is thoroughly composed of a single species.

Engineered hardwood, though it might sound artificial, is also made of wood. The difference is that engineered hardwood is made of of different wood layers. The top layer is a sturdy wood veneer, but this is mainly for appearance. Beneath it lies a series of criss-crossed plywood layers for heightened stability. Laminated together for strength beyond that of solid hardwood, these layers form a hardy bulk that is not easily disfigured!

el paso solid engineered hardwood

Pros vs. Cons

Solid hardwood is on the cheaper side of this pair, depending on your choice of wood species. Additionally, in the event of damage, solid hardwood is the preferable option. It can be sanded down and refinished for a fresh new look, and over its lifespan, it is normal for solid hardwood to undergo several refinishing processes.

Only the most expensive engineered hardwood floors can be refinished in this way, but one of the benefits to engineered hardwood is that it can be installed over top of the existing floor. In the flooring industry, this is termed a “floating floor,” because it does not have to be nailed down to a subfloor of your home. This makes engineered hardwood significantly easier to have installed or replaced in the event of surface damage.

Engineered hardwood also features improved resilience to temperature shifts and humidity-induced warping, which can be a major concern for solid hardwood fans.

Floors Galore!

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