white oak hardwoodYou’ve probably heard of white oak hardwood flooring. But why is it a popular flooring choice right now?  And what are the benefits to white oak hardwood versus any other oak wood?  Is it something you should consider for your home in the El Paso, Fort Bliss, El Paso County area? Floor Coverings International El Paso is here to help answer those questions!

What is White Oak Hardwood?

You first may be wondering what the difference is between white oak or any other oak.  Oak comes in two types: white oak and red oak.  Red oak hardwood is a bit more plentiful compared to white oak, at a ratio of somewhere around three to one. This doesn’t mean that white oak is rare.  On the contrary; white oak is native and plentiful in the United States.

Differences Between White Oak and Red Oak

The difference between white oak and red oak has to do primarily with graining and color.  Red oak is slightly lighter than white oak, but has a pinkish color.  White oak has a browner and more neutral color with less of a graining look to it.  How this translates onto floors is that red oak will always tinge lighter stains with pink; white oak hardwood will not.  White oak has a less noticeable grain than red oak, giving it a more modern appearance.

Benefits to White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak is an excellent choice for flooring as it is very hard and resistant to scrapes and gouges.  White oak is actually harder than red oak, which means it is more dent-resistant. Because the grain is less noticeable on white oak hardwood flooring and the wood is more prone to mineral streaks in the wood, it gives white oak a more modern look than red oak.

Better for Lighter Stains

White oak hardwood flooring is a great option if you’re planning on staining your flooring.  If you want to do a light stain or a stain that whitens the floor, you will want white oak over red oak.  Red oak will give a pinkish hue to the light stain, thus negating the overall effect, where white oak will show the stain beautifully. Be sure to talk to our designers about the particular look you’re going for!

Learn More About White Oak

So, which type of oak flooring should you choose for your home in the El Paso, Fort Bliss, El Paso County  area?  White oak hardwood flooring is undoubtedly better due to its toughness, versatility, and more modern look. Learn more when you schedule a free estimate with Floor Coverings International El Paso!

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