marble tile flooringNatural stone in the kitchen, bath or living area adds a degree of instant glamour to any home, and choosing marble tile is a decision you won’t regret. Both elegant and durable, marble tile floors will increase your home’s resale value while adding unmatched beauty to your home. If you’re shopping for elegant floor coverings, there are solid reasons to consider marble tile for your El Paso, Fort Bliss, El Paso County home. Floor Coverings International El Paso is ready to upgrade your home with this elegant tile.

Marble Is a Natural Material

Marble is quarried from the earth, not manufactured in a factory. This means no off-gassing of potentially harmful Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. Whether polished, honed, tumbled or brushed, marble needs no adhesive or smelly compounds to keep it looking good. A simple application of sealer, applied at installation, will keep your floors looking new and will help prevent staining.

Marble Is Highly Durable

Professionally installed marble tile flooring in El Paso can easily last the life of your home. Though it is a softer stone than slate or quartz, it’s still highly durable. When properly sealed and maintained, marble resists scratching, staining, chipping and cracking. While it’s not impossible to damage this stone, prevention is easy. Here are some tips to keep marble looking great:

  • Use rugs near doorways and entrances to catch debris.
  • Wipe down marble surfaces with a soft, damp cloth and an approved cleaner.
  • Keep up the maintenance on your floors, which mostly includes the re-application of sealer on occasion.
  • Place felt or pads beneath the feet of heavy furniture to prevent scratches.

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the care and maintenance of your new floors and have them professionally maintained on schedule, they can easily last for decades. This makes marble a sound investment that more than pays for itself over time.

Marble Comes in a Variety of Options

Marble floors in El Paso are available in a wide array of shapes, colors, and patterns to suit any space. Whether you’re looking for traditional square tiles, rectangles or octagons, there’s a style to accommodate even the most current trends. This stone can be installed on a diagonal, with a decorative inset, or as a mosaic.

Get Started Today

There are many benefits to using marble for your tile flooring. When you’re ready to purchase new marble floors in the El Paso, Fort Bliss, El Paso County area, schedule an estimate with our team at Floor Coverings International El Paso. Our friendly and knowledgeable flooring specialists have the answers to all your questions concerning marble and will bring samples right to your door!

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