wood look tile If you always admired the appearance of wood flooring, and you are looking for an alternative for your own El Paso, Fort Bliss, El Paso County home or business, the use of wood-look tile flooring is an option to consider. There are several benefits that tile floors provide, making this type of flooring a great way to get the desired wood appearance without the cost associated with installation, materials used, and upkeep. Here are some reasons why using wood-look tile flooring may be right for you.

Tile Is Durable and Long-Lasting

Wood-look tile flooring is usually made from ceramic or porcelain. These materials are not at risk of rotting or bending as wood often does when it comes into contact with moisture, especially for long durations of time. Tile flooring is also less likely to become scratched or worn down from moving furniture across it or from routine walking upon its surface. Since tile lasts for a long time, it can help you save money over the long run. If damage does occur, swapping out a broken tile with a new one is an easy process that is relatively inexpensive.

Tile Is Environmentally Friendly

When someone uses real wood planks as their flooring medium, unfortunately, trees need to be cut down to create the look they desire. Wood-look tile does not require the harvesting of trees at all, helping to save the environment from this action. The tiles are constructed to give you the same appearance of wood grain, complete with knotty sections so you can enjoy the same rustic look without contributing to the cutting of trees to achieve it.

Add Wood-Look Tile to Your El Paso Home

With wood-look tile, you can really personalize your El Paso, Fort Bliss, El Paso County home. You can show your flair for design by arranging tiles in a nice pattern or by using different shades of color or different styles of wood grain. Faux wood tiles can even be customized to specific lengths and thicknesses and positioned in various patterns to give you a unique floor arrangement to show off with pride. After installation, tiles are easy to clean using simple household tools such as mops, brooms, and standard cleaning agents. Contact our team at Floor Coverings International El Paso for a free in-home estimate to get started today!

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